Glossary U

Following is a definition of terms frequently used in the instrumentation, industrial automation and test & measurement communities.

UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. An independent laboratory that establishes standards for commercial and industrial products.

Ultraviolet: That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum below blue light (380 nanometers).

Unbalance: That condition which exists in a rotor when vibratory force or motion is imparted to its bearings as a result of centrifugal forces.

Unbalance Tolerance: The unbalance tolerance with respect to a radial plane (measuring plane or correction plane) is that amount of unbalance which is specified as the maximum below which the state of unbalance is considered acceptable.

Undershoot: The difference in temperature between the temperature a process goes to, below the set point, after the cooling cycle is turned off and the set point temperature.

Ungrounded Junction: A form of construction of a thermocouple probe where the hot or measuring junction is fully enclosed by and insulated from the sheath material.

Union: A form of pipe fitting where two extension pipes are joined at a separable coupling.