Rockwell Products

Model 2C31 & 2C32
ControlNet Fiber Optic Single and Dual Self-Healing Ring Communication Modules

Model 2C31 ControlNet Fiber Optic Self-Healing Ring Communication Module
Model 2C32 ControlNet Fiber Optic Self-Healing Dual Ring Communication Module


Rockwell Automation’s Encompass program is a third-party product referencing program that helps you quickly locate the products that best solve your application challenges. Weed is proud to have been a founding member of the Encompass program. We offer a comprehensive selection of fiber optic communication modules and switches that have been specifically designed for use with Rockwell Automation PLCs.

Rockwell Automation Supported Protocols:

  • ControlNet
  • EtherNet/IP
  • RS-232/485
  • Modbus
  • DH+
  • DH-485
  • Remote I/O

The following Weed products are referenced in the Encompass program and provide functionality to enhance and extend your Rockwell Automation solution through robust fiber optic connectivity: