Aerospace temperature

Aerospace temperature


For Aerospace, Military and Marine applications, NSPI offers a wide selection of high reliability RTDs. NSPI precision winds its own platinum and nickel sensing elements, which allows the company to produce non-standard resistance curves and values – maximizing performance for customers. All elements are calibrated to NIST standards and packaged to provide exceptional accuracy, stability and reliability in the harshest environments.

Designed for high reliability and to endure demanding shock, vibration and ambient environments, NSPI RTDs can be found in these applications:

  • Bleed air
  • Cabin air


  • Engine oil
  • Brake pads
  • Gear boxes
  • Fuel systems
  • Inlet air ducts
  • Cylinder heads
  • Climate control
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Compressor discharge
Ambient air and gas sensors: NSPI ambient air and gas sensors measure the temperature of air and gas in an open environment such as a wind tunnel, a jet engine test cell, or a housing for sensitive electronics. A unique feature of our ambient air and gas sensors is their very fast response time.

  • Measurement of cooling air in environmental control systems
  • Jet engine test cells
Fluid immersion probes: Immersion probes are fast-response sensors that are immersed in a closed system of liquid, air or gas. Examples include engine oil, air flow or exhaust gas. NSPI immersion probes are extremely rugged and are available with hermetically sealed housings.

  • Fuel and hydraulic system monitoring
  • Gearbox lube systems
  • Environmental controls
Surface sensors: NSPI surface sensors easily attach to flat or curved surfaces. Their rugged design and small size make them ideal for many applications. Typical uses include the measurement of aircraft skin temperature, environmental temperature surrounding critical electronic components, and fluid temperature through the surface of a conduit.

  • Missile guidance systems
  • Avionics computers
  • Electronic engine controls
  • Heat exchangers

NSPI temperature sensors for aerospace and military applications are highly engineered products. Please contact one of our Aerospace/Military Account Managers today so that we can begin configuring temperature sensors specific to your application.

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