EOTec Multi-Channel Contact Closure (MCCC)

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Introducing NSPI’s latest Multi-Channel Contact Closure models, now more robust than ever and with the latest certifications, including CE; Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D for the US and Canada; and ATEX Zone-2, Category-3.

The EOTec fiber optic Multi-Channel Contact Closure transceiver modules are used to convert up to ten contact closure inputs into fiber optic signals for transmission over a single fiber optic link.  These units are commonly used for remote transmission over long distances (up to 16 miles), transmission through hazardous areas and alarm event triggering.

Applications for this device include long distance transmissions, lightning prone areas, transmissions through hazardous areas.

Cost effective signal multiplexing without a PLC!

Each transceiver module includes two contact closure inputs and is capable of driving up to ten inputs by cascading additional dual channel input modules.  A de-pluggable screw terminal on the bottom of the module is provided for connection to the input signal.  An integrated backplane allows for communications between modules with no external inter-modular connection.

Flexible design for greater output driving capacity.

Each transceiver has a single optical port for use with multi-mode or single mode optical fiber with transmissions at 850 nm or 1300 nm using industrialized ST/SMA connectors.  SPDT Form C relay outputs are provided for each channel capable of driving resistive loads with a maximum switching power of 120W, 250VA, and maximum switching current of 4A DC, AC.

Features of Ultra Electronics, NSPI modular Multi-Channel Contact Closure (MCCC)

  • Transmits from 1 to 10 Contact Closure signals over one fiber
  • Compatible with multi-mode or single mode optical fiber
  • De-pluggable screw terminals for all wire connections
  • Integrated backplane with no external inter-modular connections
  • Visible status LED’s for power, TX/RX and channel inputs
  • Fail-Safe relay operation
  • Accepts our standard power supplies
  • Available with dual redundant, hot swappable power supplies
  • Suitable for mounting on standard 35 mm DIN rail
  • Operating range of –40 °C to 85 °C, 0-95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions (each module): 22.5 mm w x 99 mm h x 114 mm d

Regulatory certifications

  • CE
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D for the US and Canada
  • ATEX, Zone-2, Category-3
Power requirements 7.5 VDC via the BUS interconnections (from any EOTec 2000 power supply module)or 12 to 30VDC
@ 400mA, via a pluggable, screw terminal block on the CC-T/CC-R module
Relay contact output SPDT Form C relay, via pluggable screw terminal, 12 to 24 AWG(0.5-2.4mm) Cage-Clamp
60W, 125VA, maximum switching power
220VDC, 250VAC, maximum switching voltage
2A switching, 3A carry, maximum current
100,000,000 cycles, minimum operational life
Contact Closure input External Dry contacts connected via pluggable, screw terminal blocks
Accepts 12 to 24 AWG, 5VDC @ 1.4mA min. contact rating, 1K ohm max. resistance
LED status indicators Power On Green, Ch. A Relay energized/input contact closed Green, Ch. B Relay
energized/contact input closed Green, Fiber Transmit – Amber
Data update rate 15mS regardless of the number of channels utilized
Ambient conditions -40°C to 85°C Operational

Selection guide:

MCCC Fiber Optic Transmitters:



Optical Dynamic Range Input/Output type Fiber connector
CC-TM85 2-Channel, 850 nm, Multi-mode, Transmitter 12 dB Dry Contact Input ST
CC-TM13 2-Channel, 1300 nm, Multi-mode, Transmitter 12 dB Dry Contact Input ST
CC-TM85H 2-Channel, 850 nm, Multi-mode, transmitter 17 dB Dry Contact Input ST
CC-TS13 2-Channel, 1300 nm, Single-mode, transmitter 10 dB Dry Contact Input ST
CC-TS13H 2-Channel, 1300 nm, Single-mode, transmitter 16 dB Dry Contact Input ST

MCCC Fiber Optic Receivers:



Input/Output type Fiber connector
CC-RM85 2-Channel, 850 nm, Multi-mode, receiver Form C relay output ST
CC-RX13 2-Channel, 1300 nm, Multi-mode or Single-mode, receiver Form C relay uutput ST

MCCC Input/Output Modules:



Input/Output type Fiber connector
CC-I 2-Channel, 850 nm, input module Dry contact input N/A
CC-O 2-Channel, output module Form C relay output N/A

MCCC sower supply options:



2A06  Power supply, 85 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, or 85 to 140VDC
2A16  Power supply, 85 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, or 85 to 140VDC, w/ diagnostics
2A08  Power supply, 24VDC
2A18  Power supply, 24VDC, w/ diagnostics

Application diagram: