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ControlNet Fiber Optic Self-Healing Ring RepeatersAn interactive, step-through tour of the 2C31 & 2C32 features, functions, and benefits.

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ControlNet Fiber Optic Self-Healing Ring Repeaters

The EOTec 2C31 Single Self-Healing Ring (SHR) and 2C32 Dual Self-Healing Ring (DSHR) repeaters provide multiple communication paths between the various elements of the control system and incorporate advanced Downstream Multicasting technology. In the event of a failure on one communication path, communications are still maintained along a secondary path or, in the case of a dual ring, tertiary paths.

Downstream Multicasting transmits an incoming message in multiple directions and insures that while directing the message toward all nodes in the ring it is never retransmitted back to the point of origin. This communication method employs a “Master” or ring control module which will direct traffic and guard against duplicate message delivery. Process downtime due to an accidental break of one of the fiber cables is therefore eliminated.

Powerful local and remote diagnostic tools are incorporated into both the 2C31 and 2C32 to enhance reliability and support preventative maintenance. These address power input quality, optical fiber fault, location of optical fiber break and link status. Data on the optical fiber lines is constantly monitored. If a fiber fails to transfer light or is broken an alarm is instantly activated.

These repeaters support the highest number of nodes and deliver up to 60% more optical power than competing models, resulting in the ability to have longer transmission distances between nodes.

Local and remote diagnostic features

Ordering information:
Part no. Description User manual Installation guide
2C31-LC-MM/MM ControlNet Self-Healing Ring Fiber Repeater, Multi-mode, LC connector 2C31-LC-MM/MM 2C31-LC-MM/MM
2C31-LC-SM/SM ControlNet Self-Healing Ring Fiber Repeater, Single-mode, LC connector 2C31-LC-SM/SM 2C31-LC-SM/SM
2C32-LC-MM/MM ControlNet Dual Self-Healing Ring Fiber Repeater, Multi-mode, LC connector 2C32-LC-MM/MM 2C32-LC-MM/MM
2C32-LC-SM/SM ControlNet Dual Self-Healing Ring Fiber Repeater, Multi-mode, LC connector 2C32-LC-SM/SM 2C32-LC-SM/SM
Part No. Description
2LNK-1M Link Cable for Dual Self-Healing Ring, 3.2 ft (1m)
62-LC-ST-2M Duplex Patch Cord, MM, LC-ST, 6.5 ft (2m)
9-LC-ST-2M Duplex Patch Cord, SM, LC-ST, 6.5 ft (2m)

SM/MM available on the same SHR module. Please consult factory for additional information.
Other patch cords are available for LC-LC, LC-SC and 50/125um fiber.