Fiber optic modems

The industrial fiber optic networking product line of NSPI was established through the acquisitions of Apec Electronics in 1991 and the EOTec business of the 3M Company in 1994.

Over the years NSPI has continued to invest in the development of these products by adding new protocols, features and capabilities. NSPI was the first company to receive Factory Mutual (FM) hazardous area certification for fiber optic modems. In addition, we pioneered the development of Self-Healing Ring technology which provides high reliability, media redundant PLC/DCS communications (Patent #6,307,652). Recently, NSPI introduced the EOTec 2104 Ethernet Ring Switch which provides an economical solution to the combination of high performance ring redundancy with Ethernet communications.

EOTec 2000 series

EOTec 2000 series

These compact DIN-Rail mounted optical, electrical and power supply modules snap together to create a fiber optic network that can distribute information in a variety of topologies, including star, daisy chain, self-healing ring (SHR) and dual self healing ring (DSHR) configurations.

Models for Ethernet, ControlNet, Profibus, Data Highway Plus, DH 485, Genius, Remote I/O, RS-232/485

Hazardous area approvals

Configurable for all network topologies

Dual redundant power supplies

Hot swappable modules

-40°C to 85°C operation

Diagnostic outputs

EOTec 6000 series (Discontinued)

EOTec 6000 series (Discontinued)

Note: EOTec 6000 Product Family Discontinuance

Due to component obsolescence, the EOTec 6000 product family is no longer available.

Repair services for the EOTec 6000 product family are no longer available.

In most cases, depending on your communication protocol and existing network topology, there is a migration path available to transition from the EOTec 6000 product family to the EOTec 2000 product family.

Please contact Ultra Electronics directly should you have any questions associated with transitioning from the EOTec 6000 product family to the EOTec 2000 product family.

Phone number: + 1 512-434-2816

EOTec 6000 to EOTec 2000 series Compatibility Reference Guide