Electrical Interface Modules (EIMs)

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The Electrical Interface Module (EIM) is connected to the copper communication link. The module receives signals from the copper link, conditions them and makes the signals available to the backplane for conversion. The EIM also accepts signals from the backplane and transmits the signals to the attached copper link. EIM part numbers always begin with 2C. It is important to select the correct EIM for the copper protocol being converted. For example, the 2C02 is the model which is compatible with GE Fanuc networks.

Key selection criteria:

  • What communication protocol is being converted?
  • What is the baud rate?

Selection guide:

Electrical Interface Modules
Model PLC / Fieldbus User manual Data sheet Installation guide
2C02 GE Fanuc Genius® 2C02 2C02 2C02
2C07 Reliance R-Net & I/O 2C07 2C07 2C07
2C10 RS-232 or RS-485, Half Duplex 2C10 2C10 2C10
2C12 Allen-Bradley DH+® & Remote I/O 2C12 2C12 2C12
2C14 Modicon® (S908) Remote I/O 2C14 2C14 2C14
2C15 Allen Bradley DH-485 2C15 2C15 2C15
2C20 ControlNet® (view all ControlNet products) 2C20 2C20 2C20
2C22 Profibus-DP 2C22 2C22 2C22
2C23 Profibus-DP w/ Self-Healing Ring & 24VDC pwr 2C23 2C23 2C23
2C29 Modicon® Modbus Plus® 2C29 2C29 2C29