Self Healing Ring Modules

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EOTec 6000 Self-Healing Ring system provides fault tolerant reliable data communications for plant automation systems. Utilizing the 6C30 / 6C31 Master/Slave modules in a ring configuration provides for a modular format that is easy to configure for your specific needs.

Expansion can be performed without system interruption, and status LED’s and relay-outputs are provided on the 6C30/6C31 master/slave modules for quick reference.

The 6C30/6C31 System is not dependent on protocol, speed or fiber size. Self-Healing is fast and automatic. Features include:

  • Fault tolerance improves PLC communications performance
  • Reduces down time and material waste due to PLC bus failure
  • Low cost installation
  • Upgrade can be performed on existing system
  • Fast transparent operations
  • User selectable automatic or manual reset when the fiber path has been restored
  • System maintenance during operation
  • Supports most PLC bus types