EOTec G408M Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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Overview and features

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The EOTec G408M is a fully managed 8-port industrial gigabit Ethernet switch.

The unit features advanced capabilities typically found in a managed switch plus a Self-Healing Ring function, which is compatible with Ultra’s EOTec 2104 Industrial Ethernet Ring Switch (10/100 Mbps).

Network traffic is rerouted in milliseconds when a fiber or cable break is detected on any of the ring ports. An alarm output, available on the terminal block, can be used to signal error conditions to a PLC or other supervisory devices.

Ports 1-4 are copper only; ports 5-8 can be either copper or fiber ports. The fiber ports offer LC type connections and a variety of Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber transceivers are available for differing fiber types and lengths. The aluminum housing comes ready to be panel or DIN rail mounted.

Key features

  • Eight 10/100/1000Mbps copper ports, four can be 100/1000Mbps Single and/or Multimode fiber ports
  • Fault-tolerant Self-Healing Ring (SHR) with 30 mS plus 5 mS per hop recovery time
  • Operating temperature -40 to 75°C
  • Long-haul fiber distances up to 80 km (49 miles)
  • 10 to 30VDC operation, 15W
  • Dual power inputs
  • DIN rail mountable

Deterministic performance

The EOTec G408M utilizes a special algorithm to insure very fast recovery times.

The recovery time can be estimated by multiplying 5 ms times the number of switches, and then adding 30 ms (for loss of link errors) or 60 ms (for message loss errors). For example, a ring of 10 switches would have a recovery time of 80 ms for typical loss of link-type errors. A ring of 8 switches would have a recovery time of 100mS for message loss errors.

Many competitive switches and hubs may take several seconds or even minutes to recover when connected in a ring configuration.

Flexible Topologies

The EOTec G408M accepts both Single and Multimode 1Gbps and 100Mbps SFP Transceivers, making it compatible with the EOTec 2104 Industrial Ring Switch. Both switches offer the same fast recovery time and are configurable for all network topologies.


Management Features


  • Rapid Spanning Tree (RST)
  • SNMPv1 and v2 network management
  • SNMPv3 authentication and encryption for security
  • SNMP notifications (traps) for report on event
  • Priority Queuing (QoS/CoS) for real-time operation
  • IGMP for Multicast filtering (snooping & querying)
  • VLAN for convenient traffic segregation
  • Broadcast and multicast storm protection
  • RMON and port mirroring for advanced diagnostics
  • Security with HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3 and more
  • Easy configuration via Web, Telnet or CLI

Application notes and documents (PDF)

Configuration management

Fiber cable basics

Network redundancy concepts and configuration

Quick start setup

Updating firmware

USB driver installation