MX Series Multiplexers

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EOTec 2000 Multiplexers can send up to sixteen channels of bi-directional electrical information over a pair of fiber optic cable. Input/Output module selections include 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, contact closure and RS-232/485. The base unit connects directly to the fiber optic cable and provides a visual indication of the fiber link status. Each base unit has a duplex optical port configured for use with 1300nm wavelength, multi-mode or single mode optical fiber. An integrated backplane allows for communications from the base unit to the input/output modules with no external inter-modular connection. No programming is required. Power is supplied through an external 24VDC power supply. Applications for NSPI fiber optic Mulitplexers include remote analog data acquisition, Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems at coal fired power plants, data transmission on wind turbines and signal transmission in lightning prone locations and hazardous areas.

  • MX Multiplexer Base Unit supports up-to 16 channels
  • I/O Modules are available in 2 and 4 channel versions
    • Maximum number of I/O modules per optical side – 4
    • Maximum number of I/O devices per optical side – 16
  • SFP Transceivers with LC connectors and patch cords available

Download the Multiplexer User Manual

Technical Solutions and Concepts

Signal Conversion Between I/O Modules

  • 4-20mA module communicates and translates to 0-10Vdc module
  • 0-10Vdc module communicates and translates to 4-20mA module
  • RS232 and RS485 modules communicates to each other
  • Dry Contact Input with Form-C Relay Output

Selection guide:

Description Transceiver Mode Connector Max
Base/ optics MXB-MM2 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP MM LC 2k 2M55/ 2M57
MXB-SM15 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP SM LC 15k 2M59
MXB-SM40 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP SM LC 40k 2M61
MXB-SM80 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP SM LC 80k


New model Description Legacy model
Contact Closure MXCC-IP2 Contact Closure in – 2 channels 2M13
MXCC-IP4 Contact Closure in – 4 channels
MXCC-OP2 Contact Closure out (Form-C relay) – 2 channels 2M23
MXCC-OP4 Contact Closure out (Form-C relay) – 4 channels
4-20mA MX420-IP2 4-20mA in – 2 channels 2M12
MX420-IP4 4-20mA in – 4 channels
MX420-OP2 4-20mA out – 2 channels 2M22
MX420-OP4 4-20mA out – 4 channels
0-10Vdc MX010-IP2 0-10Vdc in – 2 channels 2M11
MX010-IP4 0-10Vdc in – 4 channels
MX010-OP2 0-10Vdc out – 2 channels 2M21
MX010-OP4 0-10Vdc out – 4 channels
RS232/485 MXRS-2 RS232/485 – 2 channels 2M30
MXRS-4 RS232/485 – 4 channels


MX Base Module:

  • Requires +15-30VDC input
    • The Base passes +15-30Vdc to all I/O modules
      on the backplane
    • Improved internal power distribution and
      reduced I/O module cost
  • Alarm Output Relay
    • Form-C (SPST)
    • 1A @30Vdc
  • Update Rate= 115.2kHz (8.68μs)
  • LC style optical connector
    • Adapter cables available
  • Fiber Type
    • Multimode- 2km
    • Single-mode- 15, 40, 80km

RS-232/485 Module:

  • Bi-directional Serial Communications
    • RS-232: Half or Full Duplex
    • RS-485: Half Duplex only
    • RS-232 to RS-485: Half Duplex
  • Baud Rates: 9.6k to 230.4k
  • Maximum Devices
    • RS-232: 1 device per 50ft (15m)
    • RS-485: 30 devices per 2,000ft (600m)

4-20mA I/O Modules:

  • Normal Operating Range
    • 3.8 to 20.5mA
  • Input Impedance 50 Ohms
  • Max Loop Resistance 600 Ohms
  • A to V Conversion
    • 4mA = 0V; 20mA = 10V
    • Scale: 1mA = 0.625V

0-10Vdc I/O Modules:

  • Normal Operating Range
    • 125mV to 10.3125V
  • Input Impedance 7G Ohms
  • Min. Output Resistance 40 Ohms
  • A to V Conversion
    • 0V = 4mA; 10V = 20mA
    • Scale: 1V = 1.6V

All Analog I/O Modules:

  • Signal Resolution = 16 bit
  • Reference Accuracy = 0.01% @ 25°C
  • Ambient Temp. Effect = 0.08%/50°C change

Contact Closure Input Modules:

  • Input: Dry Contact (Relay, Switch)
  • Max Input Resistance 1K Ohms
  • Input Contact Rating:
    • +3.3Vdc @ 1.4mA (min.)

Contact Closure Output Modules:

  • Output Relay: Form-C (SPDT)
  • Output Contact Rating:
    • 220Vdc; 250Vac
    • 2A Continuous
    • 2A Switching

Regulatory Certifications

  • CE
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D for the US and Canada
  • ATEX, Zone-2, Category-3

Operating Temperature

  • -40 to 85°C; 0 to 95% Humidity (Non-condensing)


  • All MX Multiplexer Modules mount on a 35mm Din Rail