Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors


NSPI is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear qualified RTDs and thermocouple temperature sensors. Qualifications are to IEEE, RCC-E and NUREG standards. Most of the sensors can withstand 20G’s and 300 Megarads T.I.D. They are available various configurations such as thermowell mounted, strap-on, direct immersion, fast time response and atmospheric styles.

Many optional features are available and include a fully qualified quick connect/disconnect connector that allows for reduced installation and maintenance time within the containment area.

NSPI temperature sensors for nuclear power generation applications include:

Model Description
601 & 611 General use RTD for direct immersion
602, 612 & 615 General use spring loaded RTD for thermowell mounting
N9001 Thermowell mounted wide range RTD
N9002 Surface mount RTD for strap on mounting
N9004 Thermowell mounted fast response RTD
N9013 Surface mount thermocouple for strap on mounting
N9017 Wall mount atmospheric RTD
N9018 Wall mount atmospheric thermocouple
N9019 Direct immersion RTD
N9339 Flexible RTD for use in CANDU plants
N9355 Direct Immersion Fast Response RTD
N9356 Rigid RTD for use in CANDU plants
Thermocouples Nuclear qualified thermocouple assemblies
Qualification Report Summary of Report 06-8680-003 Rev 1
KN201 Ambient air sensor, RTD, (Qualified to RCC-E)